Recently Involved in a Truck Accident? Here’s What to Research to File a Good Claim

18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other big trucks cause more damage to the road than a seven-seater family car or even a bus. This is the reason you need to contact a truck accident lawyer if you’re recently involved in vehicular emergencies involving large trucks. As specialists, lawyers focusing on such cases are also aware that these trucks might also be company vehicles. This means they also know how to handle the business implications of the claim and how to talk to the owners of these trucks to win the case accordingly.

However, before you seek help from a reliable injury attorney, you should also gather relevant documents and records to give the lawyer sufficient insights about the case. This will make it easier and faster to file a claim.

Company Drive and Trucking Company

Details about the driver and trucking company will help your truck accident lawyer look up the business entity you’re going to make a file against. Specifically, be sure to have a record of the following:

  1. Companies associated with the drive or truck
  2. Commercial driver’s license
  3. The truck’sIdentifying details
  4. Driver’s name
  5. License plate number of the truck

Truck Accident Details

For the accident claim lawyer to file a good claim, he or she must have knowledge about the time and date of the accident. Be sure to give the attorney a detailed police report. Present a picture of the vehicles when the event happened. Were there any other cars involved in the accident? Did you call an ambulance? If you can manage to collect contact details of the people who saw the accident, do so. They’ll serve as witnesses, which can help you present a better case.

Medical and Vehicle Records

Sustaining injuries isn’t a wise thing to do. Whenever you’re involved in accidents, it’s always best to visit the doctor and ask for clinical observations immediately if you’re physically hurt. It would be good to present the following medical records to the truck accident lawyer:

  1. X-rays or other scans that were taken
  2. Doctor’s diagnosis, especially if you’re hospitalised after the accident
  3. A list of normal activities you were unable to do due to sustained injuries
  4. Treatments and other medications you need to take or undergo to feel better after the accident
  5. What’s the model and make of your vehicle and what were the damages to it
  6. What was your car’s working condition prior to the accident

Your Financial and Personal Details

You need to give the accident lawyers personal and financial information about you. How many days were you unable to report to work because of the injuries. How much are you paid per hour or day? This will allow them to calculate the damage being done to you. Give them details about your insurer, especially your health and automobile insurance provider.

Getting involved in a truck accident isn’t easy, which means you shouldn’t take this for granted. By listing all the details above, you can give your lawyer a detailed background about the accident, which will allow him or her to file a good claim. If you’re now looking for a lawyer in Georgia to defend you, you can rely on Scholle Law and its over 20 years of experience in winning cases.