A Lawyer is Needed for One’s Insurance Compensation in an Unjust Car Accident

If a car accident resulted in injuries that are long-term or serious, the aggrieved party, or plaintiff, needs an attorney in the quest for a just compensation. Truth is, even if there are no injuries, if the other party was drunk driving, you already have a case. Car accident cases get handled by experienced lawyers, whose practice area is personal injury. The only things you need to concentrate on are getting well and getting justice. Todd Peterson portland car accident attorney’s 25 years of experience assures that all expenses for fixing the damaged car, compensation for the suffering, medical bills, lost wages and punitive damages get covered by the at-fault party.

Todd Peterson portland car accident attorney

Victims of car accidents that may file a case are not just the car’s driver, but also the car’s passengers, by-standers and the spouse of an accident victim. Though getting someone to pay your bills for an accident that isn’t your fault is what everyone wants, never give the at fault party’s insurance company any information nor agree to their offered settlement without an attorney present. Why? Because it’s insurance companies’ job to protect their baseline. They’ll offer you an amount less than what you deserve. Studies also show that when you go to a lawyer, you’ll end up with 40% more in settlement than if you handle the settlement yourself. Besides, what do you do if you found out late enough that the injury you got will have longer and more expensive repercussions? Have a professional take care of your compensation.

Don’t Hesitate Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

* Don’t ever worry about anything, specially lawyers’ fees. Many injury lawyers work on a contingent-fee basis. They only get paid the moment they win your case, or you get your just compensation.

* With the right kind of lawyer to help you with in your car accident case, you’re one step ahead. If you are within the usual statute of limitations of two years in most states, and want to clarify other things to see if you have a case, visit injurylaworegon.com for details on how to get a free consultation.

* Todd Peterson portland car accident attorney, being a principal attorney, does thorough negotiation in insurance settlements and knows every possible defense by insurance companies against paying you a justifiable amount. He goes into negotiations fully prepared as if there is a trial. You’ll have no worries even if your case really goes to court.

* Peterson Law Offices gather all the evidence like police reports, employment and wage information, medical bills and records and witness statements needed to get your just claim.

* Likewise, if you need your own insurance to cover repairs to your car because of own-damages like theft, explosion, lightning strikes, self-ignition or terrorism, you still need a lawyer. Dealing with your own insurance company is not easy. They still have to protect their base line even if you’re their client. Informing you of your rights is what Todd Peterson portland car accident attorney, is going to help you with. Recovering millions of dollars since 1991, is what this personal injury lawyer Oregon has, got known for.

Been in a car accident? Contact a lawyer.